Inverter datasheet challenge

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Inverter datasheet challenge

I need to input inverter specs in SAM's inverter datasheet as the inverter I'm working with isn't in the CEC database, however, I'm having trouble deciphering the product data sheet. The value headings and units in the attached datasheet don't exactly correspond to the SAM's data inputs, I'm wondering if someone can help identify the rights values for SAM:

Operating ranges
Nominal AC Voltage (Vac)
Max DC Voltage (Vdc)
Max CD Current (Adc)
Min MPPT DC Voltage (Vdc)
Nominal DC Voltage (Vdc)
Max MPPT DC voltage (Vdc)


Paul Gilman


Unfortunately, there are no standard requirements for these parameters, so you will find different names and definitions on different manufacturer's data sheets. The descriptions of the inputs SAM's Help system (see the topic for the Inverter input page) should help some. You can also compare data in SAM's library for the "Inverter CEC Database" option to the data sheet values for an inverter made by the same manufacturer.

For the GE inverter data sheet you provided:

Nominal AC voltage: 550
Maximum DC voltage: 1500
Maximum DC current: 1200
Minimum MPPT DC voltage: 890 (use the 50 degree value if the system will be in a hot environment)
Nominal DC voltage: 1075 (average of min and max MPPT, see note below)
Maximum MPPT DC voltage: 1300

Please see the following post for more on the nominal DC voltage:

Best regards,


Thanks Paul!

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