Problems with climate files

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Problems with climate files

Hi all,

I just had a problem running SAM. For the months of November and December I have negative production of electricy in my CSP trough physical, independent electricity producer model. I runned my model with a weather database from Ciudad Real which I collected from one of the links inside SAM weather option. The problem occurred, made me think that the problem could be with the weather database. Does someone know how could I convert the weather files I downloaded to a more visible form, for example, in .csv or another format in which i could see better all the datas inside the files??

Thanks a lot, in advice, for your help.


Paul Gilman

SAM will report hourly negative electricity output values for nighttime hours to account for the electricity required by pumps or other parasitic loads.

On the climate page, you can click the "View Hourly Data" button to open SAM's time series data viewer that displays graphs of the data in the weather file.

The EPW file format is comma-delimited, so with some creativity, you could use a spreadsheet program to view the data formatted into columns. If you do so, I would recommend making a copy of the file before opening it because some spreadsheet programs (including Excel) change the data when you save comma-separated files, which renders it unreadable by SAM's weather data reader. Note that first few rows of data in the EPW file are header rows.

Best regards,

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