Failed Fresnel Simulation in Casablanca Morocco

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Failed Fresnel Simulation in Casablanca Morocco


I'm currently running SAM for a Linear Fresnel IPP simulation in Casablanca, Morocco. It appears the following simulation error :
"------ SAMSIM MESSAGES ------

MSG[0]: SVAL LOOKUP ERROR trnsys.user_trdsrc
MSG[1]: Could not open geometry file for writing.
MSG[2]: Error in :HandlePreTrnsysCalls()
MSG[3]: MISSING OUTPUT trnsys.trd_file
MSG[4]: MISSING OUTPUT trnsys.list_file
MSG[5]: MISSING OUTPUT trnsys.log_file
MSG[6]: MISSING OUTPUT system.hourly.e_net
MSG[7]: MISSING OUTPUT system.hourly.DNI
MSG[8]: MISSING OUTPUT system.hourly.V_wind
MSG[9]: MISSING OUTPUT system.hourly.T_dry_bul

It is surprising since it works w/o any problem for parabolic trough. Note also that the weather file is coming from NREL.

Is someone can give me a idea of what is going wrong?

Paul Gilman

The EPW file for Casablanca should work with SAM's linear Fresnel model.

I downloaded the MAR_Casablanca.Nouasser.601560_IWEC.epw file from the EnergyPlus Weather Data page ( and tried it with SAM's Linear Fresnel model without changing any of the other input variables, and did not encounter the error.

Would you mind attaching your SAM file to a reply to this thread so that I can troubleshoot it?

Best regards,



In fact it works when I do not use any fuel backup. But when I run with fossil fill fraction set at 1, SAM doesn't reply.

You will find here attached the SAM file in order to try yourself.
Thanks for your help

Best regards,

Paul Gilman

The backup boiler (fossil fill) model is designed to model a backup system that provides supplemental heat to keep HTF temperature at its design point when there is insufficient energy from the solar field to do so. When you use a fossil fill fraction of 1 for nighttime hours, SAM tries to supply all of the energy required with the backup boiler -- that appears to be causing the simulation to fail.

I will try to get more details about why that is the case, but for now, to avoid the problem, only use a non-zero fossil fill fraction for daylight hours. For nighttime hours, use a fossil-fill fraction of zero.

Best regards,

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