Weather Data

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Paul Gilman
Weather Data

Are you looking for weather data to use with SAM? SAM can automatically download weather files from the NREL National Solar Radiation Data base (NSRDB), which covers locations in the Western Hemisphere from roughly 20° South to 60° North, including the continental United States, Hawaii and southern portions of Canada and Alaska, Caribbean, Central America, and northern South America (including most of Brazil). The NSRDB data also covers South Asia and parts of Central Asia, China, and Southeast Asia.

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Weather Data

Dear Sir,

We have the weather data for a location in saudi arabia which contains only monthly data(average values) and not hourly data for three years. So is it possible to create our own SAM csv file with the help of the sample format available in the website as we don't have the hourly data. Please advice us on the same.

Thank You
Mohammad Abdul Baseer

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How to POA irradiance for tilted surface


I am working on a masters thesis, In here I used TMY2 and TMY3 format to get the hourly GHI irradiance(W/m2).I am trying to find the hourly POA irradiance(W/m2) from whether a file, its showing "NAh". Can you please help what am I doing wrong in here. Is there any way to find the hourly POA irradiance?
Please suggest me

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SIREN data validation

How does "sen_makeweather_getmerra2" (by SIREN) is work and its data is valid?

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Weather Data


I am trying to use SAM to design PV solar systems but I confront the problem of inserting weather date as I am living in Middle east – Yemen.
I would highly appreciate any advice to create the file or how to download & use data provided by NASA.

Sorry, you may have had this inquiry many times before, but I don’t have much time to search in this topic.

Many thanks

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Time Zones to adjust for hourly weather data

Hi Paul,

I'm creating real year weather files to use for modelling PV systems at a number of sites in Australia. I'm using hourly satellite irradiance data from the Bureau of Meteorology, along with hourly temp and windspeed from BOM Automatic Weather Stations.

I'm using the SAM SDK to calculate DHI for the weather file, but am having some difficulty trying to use timezones to correct for the fact that the irradiance data is recorded at a number of minutes past the hour.

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Weather data

I need irradiance data for kathmandu, nepal (27.73,85.33) of 2015/16/17/18 A.D. Please help or provide me that file.

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how to use specific weather file

i added a file, but nothing happened to weather details, anyone can help me?

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Getting dates from simulation outputs

In using the SDK, I've noticed that pvwattsv5 doesn't output any dates to correspond with its time series values. The dates would presumably come from the weather data, which can be configured and input in many different ways. Is there some part of the ssc_data that will give me access to the dates from the weather data that was used (I'm aware that the TMY data has no specific year, etc.) to run the module?

Is there another module that can parse the weather and return dates as a part of its outputs?

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Longitude e latitude não especificado

I created a typical meteorological year to simulate a system of energy generation by solar concentration, but when I put to run the file is giving an error of Longitude and Latitude unspecified, I tried everything and I can not solve this error, I tried to even create The file in the 2013 version.
I am using Excel to build the file.
I would have some other software for editing the files.
Thank you in advance.

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