Statistical Analysis

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Using the SSC with R

Is there any possibility, or any current plans to add an R language interface to SSC? Thank you!

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Error message in stochastic mode

Dear all,

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I am looking to find the expected P50 net annual energy production for each year of a 25 year plan. SAM P50/P90 simulation only provides the net annual production for one year. I would like to know if anyone knows how I can obtain this data.

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abnormal weather condition


How can I simulate system for 25 years that in one year weather condition is severe and significantly different from other years?


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Monthly Weather file format

Hi there,

How can I create a simple weather file which includes only monthly insolation data excluding any hourly or sub-hourly records?

I have data in the format:

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Stochastic Analysis - Input Values


When setting up variables for a stochastic analysis I noticed that an input variable for a State-sponsored Production Based Incentive (PBI) expressed as $/kWh is not available.

I want to demonstrate a high correlation between total installed costs and varied cash incentive levels and their impact on the resulting Net Present Value and simple Payback.

I've already used these same variables in a parametric analysis and wanted to compare results with a stochastic analysis.

Please advise.

Mike -

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Can I translate my analyses internationally?

Is there a way I can create SAM analyses in different parts of the world? I'm specifically interested in doing so within West Africa- but I'm not sure how to find a) applicable data, or b) what (if any) US area might be the most comparable.

any suggestions?

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Ashvin Gaur
Solar energy , Levelised cost of electricity generation

I am renewable consultant for residential project in India, I am exploring it for use in new residential project in India where we plan to use solar energy.
Thanks for wonderful software, I am planning to calculate levelised cost of energy with photovoltic cells.
Is there any way where I get levelised cost of electricity generation ?
I am a newbie so sorry if I am missing something basic.

Thanks a lot for help.


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Statistical simulations with SAM 2013.9.20 (Mac OS X)
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stepwise_wipp.exe stops working

Greetings ALL,

When I run the Statistical simulation example I consistently get a windows error message saying that stepwise_wipp.exe has stopped working. I'm forced to close SAM through the Windows Task Manager.

Anyone know what's going on with that?

Many thanks,


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