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Parametric inputs/outputs corrupted


All inputs and outputs tabs for parametric analysis and stoch' analysis seem to be corrupted (see image), my version of SAM is up to date. any ideas why they are all looking like this?


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Generate P90 "TMY" Files from Longterm Timeseries Data


Does SAM have the ability to generate TMY files to a set confidence interval? I suppose these wouldn't be typical (P50) anymore, but the point is to represent with a single 8760 hourly file the solar + weather resource to a particular level. It would have all of the same compromises and utility as a standard TMY file.

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Differences between SAM Sandia Performance Model and PVLIB

I am running a simulation of solar generation for every zip code in the U.S. using SAM and its LK scripting interface. I am also performing the same simulation with Sandia's PVLIB ( model. It is my understanding that SAM's Sandia PV Arary Performance Model should yield the same results as PVLIB if the weather inputs are the same. However, I have tested this using TMY3 weather files, and the AC generation output is different, even with the exact same parameter settings.

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Offshore BOS variables for statistical analysis

Hello, I have some question regarding offshore balance of system variables for statistical analysis as listed below.

1. Are offshore BOS variables not available for input to parametric/stochastic analysis?

2. most of offshore BOS variables shows non-relevance to tornado chart output such as levelized costs and total installed costs even with extreme change (up to 100%) of input variables, is this already known problem and any way to fix it?


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analysis of solar power plant

I have done the simulation of plant taking "mundargi" region as a reference. for the average GHI of 5.77 kwh/square m/day , yearly production which i got from SAM software is 1778,619 kwh. But when i took another region " vijayapur" with average irradiance of 5.83 kWh/ square.m/day, come up with result of 1630,319 kWh. Hence in general for more value of irradiance, should get more output energy value. where as this a different and opposite case. please help me to get solution. Thank you

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Using the SSC with R

Is there any possibility, or any current plans to add an R language interface to SSC? Thank you!

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Error message in stochastic mode

Dear all,

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I am looking to find the expected P50 net annual energy production for each year of a 25 year plan. SAM P50/P90 simulation only provides the net annual production for one year. I would like to know if anyone knows how I can obtain this data.

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abnormal weather condition


How can I simulate system for 25 years that in one year weather condition is severe and significantly different from other years?


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Monthly Weather file format

Hi there,

How can I create a simple weather file which includes only monthly insolation data excluding any hourly or sub-hourly records?

I have data in the format:

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