Solar Hot Water

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Incidence angle modifier

Hi Support People,

While calculating the Incidence angle modifier I'm used to having a matrix of values for longitudinal and transversal IAM for various incidence angle combinations for tubular collectors.

for eg

Dir. | 0° | 15° | 30° | 45° | 60° | 75° | 90° |
Trans. IAM | 1.00 | 1.01 | 1.03 | 1.05 | 1.04 | 1.02 | 0.00 |
Long. IAM | 1.00 | 1.00 | 0.98 | 0.96 | 0.90 | 0.71 | 0.00 |

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Heat Pump Module

I want to simulate different combinations of water heating systems, coupled with solar heating. For this, I need an auxiliary tank connected to a heat pump, for which I would insert the performance parameters from the pump's manufacturer. Is there a module for a heat pump already developed for SAM?

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solar hot water

while designing solar hot water, total system flow rate as mentioned in help is the flow rate for the collector side. so how is the tank side flow rate taken care of? and also the pump is mentioned generally. the pump refers to the collector side or tank side? Also, in cases where load exchanges heat through exchanger and actually the tank side water is not used up ie only the energy is used up. so how then is tank temperature calculation affected? thanks in advance.

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solar dhw - gas auxilary heater

For a solar DHW system, I understand that SAM only calculates savings in kWh. There is a macro to run using an auxiliary gas water heat that gives the savings in kWh. Converting to BTU or therms is easy enough. However, with the 2017 version on SAM, I'm seeing results that suggest an error. The scale of auxiliary gas water savings is very low.

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Plexiglas glazing and FRta


I want to simulate a solar thermal panel, but I do not have the FRta coefficient. My solar panel uses a Plexiglas glazing. What value should I use?

thank you

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Modeling of solar water heating with horizontal storage tank


The storage tank position is vertical in the solar water heating model. In some solar heater types like flat plate, the collector is coupled with the storage tank positioned horizontally. How can we model these types of systems in SAM?

Kind regards,

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Sizing the storage tank for a solar water heater system


I am sizing a solar water system and I am trying to find the perfect match between the collectors area and the storage volume. For large designs professionals seem to recommend that storage volume should always be greater than the site's average daily use. In regions with considerable sunlight, they also advise a 2 gallons increase in storage every square foot of net aperture area, in order to prevent the system for overheating during peak hours.

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Nigerian weather data file

I need the Nigerian hourly weather data file.

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ahmed abdelrazik
solar water heater

dear sir,

how to choose type of collector used for solar hot water if it's used for a large system?
and if the collector known i need to know which one used?

best regards,
Ahmed Emadeldin

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CSP Linear Fresnel Direct steam

The inlet turbine Pressure and Field outlet temperature is changed by flow rate in LFR Direct steam system, I only want to make changing flow rate not but temperature and pressure. Is that possible?
and I want to know full detail of Thermal efficiency and collector optical efficiency.

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