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Where is a SAM user file stored in my computer

When I leave SAM I don't see where I can save it to a file, so I just close it. I assume there is a file somewhere, and I click the open file button when I start SAM back up, but don't know where to go find it.

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Congratulations on open source

Just a quick congratulations on making SAM open source! This is a truly wonderful resource and I am sure that the open source community will contribute a great deal to the future development of SAM. Just a small question - can you add Linux to the choice of OS in the profile options?

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Is it possible to change my SAM registration email?

I will stop using the email address I registered with SAM. How can I change it?

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Installing and using SAM on ubuntu/python

I installed SAM (linux) on the server.


I also copied the file from the distribution.

I tried running the code at but ran into some challenges.

What are the other missing steps that others have taken?

I would love to connect with anyone that is using the python wrapper on ubuntu to talk to SAM sdk only without running the full app and from python.


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SSC Guide Missing From SDK

Recently I downloaded the SAM SDK, v.2.17r2.

The SSC_Guide PDF is missing from this download. Is there an alternate location where I can download the guide directly? I've attached an image of the unzipped download for reference. Also, I the PDF is not present in the unzipped files.

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Registering SAM


I am facing issues when registering SAM.
I get the message

SAM could not connect to NREL servers to verify your registration key.
This might be caused by a problem with your internet connection. Click Confirm to try again or Skip for now to continue without registering.

when starting up for the first time.

And when I click confirm with the provided key, I get the following

The registration key could not be verified. Please check the key and internet connection.

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I can not download software 'Solarpilot' in nrel website, everyone can?

I can not download software 'Solarpilot' in nrel website, everyone can?

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Can't download

Ever time I try to download the software it fails at 99%. I've made sure I am downloading it and not just trying to run it, but nothing is working.

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Luciano Konzen
SAM on Ubuntu 13.10

Can't run SAM on Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit. System answers "/opt/SAM/2017.1.17/linux_64/sam.bin: 1: /opt/SAM/2017.1.17/linux_64/sam.bin: Syntax error: "(" unexpected".

Is there any tip to fix it?

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Failure downloading sam software

cannot download. always quits at 99% with failure message one authorization missing.
pls inform me with remedial instructions thks joe

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