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Paul Gilman
Registering SAM

When you start SAM for the first time after installing it, it displays the SAM Registration window where you provide an email address to register your copy of SAM. Registration is free, and allows us to keep count of how many people are using SAM. We use this information in our reports to the U.S. Department of Energy, which funds NREL's work on SAM, making it possible for you to use the software for free.

To register SAM:

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Registration failed

I have problem with SAM registration.
When i start SAM, type my email address,and click registration, then software indicates :
'Registration failed with error code-1.Please check your internet connection.'
I can't register successfully. After that i have tried to solve the problem for sever times but failed, and now i still don't know the reason.
Can you kindly send me a registration key ?

Best Wishes.

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Problem installing revision 1 of SAM2018.11.11

Hello, after the revision 1 of SAM 2018.11.11 was launched, I tried to install it, but it still works with the same problems as before the revision, as if the program was not updated.
I have tried uninstalling the program, restarting the computer and erasing the temporary files, but none of this solves the problem. Even after reinstalling the program does not even ask me to register my user, it is already registered.
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

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Paul Gilman
macOS Mojave Dark Mode

If you are using SAM on a Mac with Mojave in Dark mode, some user interface elements will not be visible. This is due to an issue with the user interface platform that SAM is based on:

To work around this issue, please change to Light mode as shown in this Apple support article:

Best regards,

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Avoid the Dark Side

Just a head’s up. Those of you using MAC OS-X Mojave, make sure you select Light setting under Appearance in General, System Peferences. The dark setting obscures text on input screen and otherwise confounds the data input process.

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BUILD SAM ON MAC | fatal error while building ssc

you find the question in the document attached.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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installation error

Hello sir,

I have some error, when i open SAM. I have Attached error message

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SSC Build Error

I am building the SAM Open Source and ran into an issue in building the SSC solution. Attached is the image of the error message I get.

I tried deleting google test and re-building and releasing it because of the C1083 error code suggesting a file missing in the googletest. I also have tried multiple different folders in the google test as my environment variables.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you,


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Where is a SAM user file stored in my computer

When I leave SAM I don't see where I can save it to a file, so I just close it. I assume there is a file somewhere, and I click the open file button when I start SAM back up, but don't know where to go find it.

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Congratulations on open source

Just a quick congratulations on making SAM open source! This is a truly wonderful resource and I am sure that the open source community will contribute a great deal to the future development of SAM. Just a small question - can you add Linux to the choice of OS in the profile options?

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