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LCOE inconsistency, Cash Flow

Hi, I'm simulating a 100 MW central receiver CSP plant (without TES). In the "Summary" of results, SAM tells me that the resulting nominal LCOE is 26.02 cents / kwh, which coincides with the information shown in the "Cash Flow" tab. However, if I check the detail of the cash flow with the "Send to Excel with Equations" tool, it turns out that the nominal LCOE shown is 29.44 cents / kwh.

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Levelized cost of energy calculation

Hello everyone,
I'm a Master student at the University in Belgium and I am currently researching the impact of a new legislation regarding PV-installations on the LCOE of a Solar system in Belgium.
The problem:
The government is changing the legislation regarding the way you get compensated for having a PV-installation. In the old system there was a way where the electrical meter would be turning back so in case you consumed 3000 kwh and had an PV-installation of 3000 kwh you would have an invoice of 0 € at the end of the month.

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Turbine tower cost estimation

Hi, I have some questions regarding turbine tower cost determined by SAM cost database.

Based on the SAM documentation review, it looks like that tower cost is included in turbine cost.
If it is, as SAM use a fixed cost per turbine rating based on 2015 installed cost for offshore turbine, change in tower cost for different hub height will not be captured.
It is also found that change in hub height does not affect substructure and foundation cost when the jacket type substructure is selected.

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Research question re: parcel shape impact on solar power plants

Hello all, I am researching the impact of parcel shape on solar power plants. Specifically, I am trying to determine the feasibility of placing any type of solar power plant on a long rectangular strip of land (with long axis alligned east-west), and how that elongated shape would impact development and operational costs. We are assuming a minimum value on the short side of 1/2 mile.

I have not been able to locate an appropriate input field on SAM to test this question. Any thoughts, opinions, or references would be greatly appreciated.

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Tiered Rate Schedule

I've got SAM mostly figured out but I have a slightly different rate schedule - it's independent of day, month and time but is a tiered charge based on monthly consumption as shown below:

Monthly Consumption Rate
0-30 kWh 0.05$/kWh
30-100 kWh 0.07$/kWh
101-200 kWh 0.1$/kWh
>200 kWh 0.12$/kWh

(This is for a country in Asia so the rates are fairly low).

Can I and how would I implement this rate schedule for monthly consumption?


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Isolated or independent PV-systems

I'm doing a project about PV-residential/commercial taking Piura,Peru region as a reference and I'm analyzing how the project will change if enable battery; but I don't know how to set up that the battery only load from the system.
Also, I know the program simulate different projects that are conexion to the grid and when there are excess generation,these energy is injected to the grid. However, in Peru can not perform the same.

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Combine Cases Macro doesn't work anymore.

Good day, beloved fellows of the SAM community.

Recently a accepted the update for a brand new SAM's version (sam-windows-2017-9-5-r4) and now all my analyses using the Combine Cases Macro has stopped to work. The System Costs information that used to be imported from the other cases as a negative value at the year 0 now it is zero and the financial analyses results as payback period, Levelized LCOE (real and nominal) has came as zeros.

Does anyone have the same problem as me?

Thanks for the attention.

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Negative NPV in PPA


I'm new to SAM and third party Power Purchase Agreements for Solar PV.

Is there anything else than the first year PPA price which would change the NPV of a project to be negative? Currently my NPV is -$145,000 with $0.125/kWh. If I bring the 1st year PPA price to $0.06/kWh NPV is $32,311.

I'm also confused why there is no simple payback.

Please Help


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Why is solar field cost equal for all solar systems?

Dear SAM Community,
Hi, I have a few questions.
In the "(2015) Parabolic Trough Collector Cost Update for the System Advisor Model (SAM)",
1) The difference "HTF System ($/m^2)" old value cost of "Molten Salt Linear Fresnel Model" and "Direct Steam Linear Fresnel Model" is understandable but why "Solar Field ($/m^2)" old value cost is different for them?
2)why "Solar Field ($/m^2)" new value cost is equal for all solar systems(PTC, LFR, CSP Power tower)?

Your quick response is highly anticipated.
My best regards.

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System cost

Dear all,
What is the most suitable way to decide the inputs for system cost page and financial parameters page?
Is it ok, if I take values from SAM 2010 Parabolic Trough Cost Model.xlsx sheet provided in the link after entering appropriate data in to "input value" area of Project Plant Data. Either input by hand or from SAM via Excel Exchange? the edited excel sheet is attached for your reference.

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