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Why is solar field cost equal for all solar systems?

Dear SAM Community,
Hi, I have a few questions.
In the "(2015) Parabolic Trough Collector Cost Update for the System Advisor Model (SAM)",
1) The difference "HTF System ($/m^2)" old value cost of "Molten Salt Linear Fresnel Model" and "Direct Steam Linear Fresnel Model" is understandable but why "Solar Field ($/m^2)" old value cost is different for them?
2)why "Solar Field ($/m^2)" new value cost is equal for all solar systems(PTC, LFR, CSP Power tower)?

Your quick response is highly anticipated.
My best regards.

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System cost

Dear all,
What is the most suitable way to decide the inputs for system cost page and financial parameters page?
Is it ok, if I take values from SAM 2010 Parabolic Trough Cost Model.xlsx sheet provided in the link after entering appropriate data in to "input value" area of Project Plant Data. Either input by hand or from SAM via Excel Exchange? the edited excel sheet is attached for your reference.

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Payback Period metric for PPA analysis

Why doesn't my analysis of a commercial PPA system have payback period as a financial metric output? It does have IRR as an output. The project does involve debt.

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Parametric analysis of PV and battery configurations


I'm attempting to determine the most financial beneficial configuration of net metered PV and battery capacity. This will be a municipally owned system, so various tax incentives won't apply. Also, the project is half-funded through a federal grant and the other half is a low-interest loan, so to account for the grant funding I've used a negative value (-65%)for the project contingency in System Costs to arrive a portion of the project cost that is covered by the loan.

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PPA Project Debt and Partial Grant Funding

Using PVWATTS Single Owner PPA, the scenario I'm trying to model is a municipally owned 1MW PV system selling power to an electric utility under a PPA. Being a public project, I assume the municipality wouldn't be taxed on revenue, and couldn't depreciate the system, etc. The project is half grant funded and half low-interest loan. I'm trying to figure out the PPA price break-point where the project still makes financial sense.

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Paul Gilman
Cost Data for Power Tower

I've simulated a CSP central receiver plant. My question is: Are all the default economic values (already filled), trustable values for a simultaion in the US country? Can I trust IRENA 2012 (Cost Analysis of Concentrating Solar Power) for the economic values? I wonder if I could know the best source of information from you to fill the economic data.

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California's NEM and NEM 2.0

I am planning to model PV + optional battery systems in California and am therefore interested in the net energy metering (NEM) calculations that should be performed. In the SAM interface, there are generic NEM options (roll over kWh or $ or separate buy/sell meters, etc.). However, I want to make sure my calculations reflect the NEM rules in place in CA. Furthermore, we are on the verge of crossing the threshold to the recently passes NEM 2.0 rules, which include non-bypassable charges. In particular, SDG&E's territory is projected to cross into NEM 2.0 this month!

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William Rodriguez
Modeling Gas Turbine Pant with Particle Solar Receiver

Using SAM,
Can I model a gas turbine plant including a solar central receiver, wherein the solar central receiver further heats up the compressed air discharged from the compressor before being used in the combustor of the gas turbine plant?
Basically, what I want to model is the Sun Shot Project “a small particle solar receiver for high temperature Brayton Power Cycles”

Any help/ideas will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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luis coco
Balance Of Plant Equipments Detail Design another SAM capability

In future SAM version would be available
the Balance Of Plan equipments Detail Design
(Heat Exchangers, Turbines, Condensers, etc)
similar as Heliostat field Design in CSP

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ITC Treatment for PV+ES


How does SAM treat the ITC for a PV+ES system? Does the ITC apply to all the system costs regardless of the amount of energy that the ES system may be charged from PV?



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