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LCOE inconsistency, Cash Flow

Hi, I'm simulating a 100 MW central receiver CSP plant (without TES). In the "Summary" of results, SAM tells me that the resulting nominal LCOE is 26.02 cents / kwh, which coincides with the information shown in the "Cash Flow" tab. However, if I check the detail of the cash flow with the "Send to Excel with Equations" tool, it turns out that the nominal LCOE shown is 29.44 cents / kwh.

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Informations about CDF/PDF Resource Beam normal irradiance

Dear Paul,

I need to know if in PDF and CDF curve of the Resource Beam normal irradiance (as shown in the figure attached) are included the night hours.

Thanks for your helps


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Omar Khaled
Integrated solar combined cycle using Aspen tech. with SAM

Hello ..

It's my first time to use System Advisor Model (SAM) and i choose it in my graduation project: Simulation and optimization of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) using Parabolic Through and Solar Tower and comparing between them. But beside SAM, i'm using Aspen Tech (Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus) to simulate the combined cycle part. So i'm asking if:

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Number of heliostat field in solar tower

Hi Paul, I hope you are doing well.
Thank you very much for your support and for spending time to answer to members' questions.
I'm trying to simulate a solar tower power plant with different sizes. My issue is that even I try to change the plant design including design turbine gross output and/or solar multiple, but the number of heliostats in the solar field or even the reflective area don't change, both in version 2014.1.14 and 2017.9.5. Is there any option to fix this issue without passing through the optimization?
Thanks in advance.

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Cooling tower water use results_reply

Hi Paul

Thanks for the support.

From the Equation 3.25 of the Physical Trough Reference Manual, could you please indicate which value is being reported in the time-series results of SAM as "Hourly Data: Cycle cooling water mass flow rate - makeup (kg/hr)",i.e. is it mdotwater or mdotcw?:
mdotevap = qdotrej/hevap
mdotdrift = fdrift mdotcw
mdotctbd = fctbd mdotcw
mdotwater = mdotevap +mdotdrift +mdotctbd

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Thermal load?


I'm starting a project to analyze different methods of solar water/HTF heating to power an Organic Rankine Cycle for power generation with TES. After experimenting with some models already (CSP, IPH, and solar water heating), I was wondering what would be the best method to simulate variable electrical and thermal load requirements or if this would not be possible?


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Cooling tower water use results

Good day SAM team

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Design Point

I only want to know what means "design point" or what refers it? I have an idea but I don't understand exactly I know what DNI means but not "design point"?

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Solar Power molten salts, fixed number of heliostats


I'm student from Spain and I'm working on my degree final project.
I used SAM to simulate a certain CSP parabolic through plant and now I have to explore the feasibility of other CSP technologies based on data of the inicial plant.

What I need to do now is to compare the results (LCOE, anual production, capacity factor, etc...) obtained for a Power Tower molten salts plant, when the reflective area is constant and fixed, and equal to the one in the original csp through parabolic plant.

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Cosine effect


Solar pilot shows the cosine loss of each heliostat, I would like to know the calculation methodology.

I have referred to Wagner, M. (M.S. 2008). Simulation and Predictive Performance Modeling of Utility-Scale Central Receiver System Power Plants. University of Wisconsin-Madison.Is it the correct reference ?

Any documentation for solar pilot?

In the layout results in solar pilot , what mean by tracking vector?

Thank you

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