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Paul Gilman
PV Modules and Inverters not in Database

If you are using SAM's detailed photovoltaic model for a photovoltaic system that uses a module or inverter that is not included in SAM's libraries, you can use the CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specifications or Inverter Datasheet options on the Module and Inverter input pages, respectively. Those options allow you to enter data from a manufacturer's data sheet. Behind the scenes, SAM generates the coefficients it needs to model the equipment.

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Trackers of HCPV

Hello Paul,

Please I want to have more explications about trackers in HCPV simulations:

Tracker elevation limits (deg) min max
Tracker azimuth limits (deg) min max

If I put
Tracker elevation limits (deg) min 0 max 0
Tracker azimuth limits (deg) min 50 max 310
I will be modelizing only one tracker?

Can I put what I want in the values min and max?

Thanks in advance,

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Simulation HCPV

Hello Paul,

I am writing because I have got some questions about the simulation of HCPV.
In the array inputs, I have two inputs that are :

Land area => Packing factor
I don't know what to put in this part, because in the data sheet, they say
Modules per 20'/40' container: 7x/14x

Shading derate
Can you explain me the different elements of this part please?

Thanks in advance !

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Getting a lot of HTTP 500 Errors when making API requests for CSV download

I am trying to gather weather data in zip code level. When I run my code, a lot of the requests result in HTTP 500 errors, but when I retry the request with the same parameters, it will usually succeeds the second time. What are the reasons that cause this? Thanks.

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Simulation HCPV,inputs data


I am simulating HCPV with SAM.
I don't find: "optical error factor, alignment loss factor, wind flutter loss factor" in the data sheet.
Should I put them to 0 or 1 for not considering them?

For the airmass coefficients, I find only the spectral figure in function of the wavelenghts. Please, how can I have a0-a4 from this figure?

Also, I can't identify the elements from the data sheet that corresponds to the elements of " Cell Temperature".

Thanks in advance

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Viridiana Ardur...
Software use problem

I have been using SAM for a while, but now i cant use the case tabs, i cant even save or quit the project. Also the window that opens when you try to select how to specify the module (PV detailed/Commercial) doesnt let me select anhy other option different from CEC Performance Model with Module Database.

I already updated SAM.

Hope you can help me.


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How to model a given HCPV system

Hello, I'm trying to model a HCPV system on SAM with the system given from:

How do i make it with the parameters provided?
I tried to get as close as possible but when simulating the value seems way off.

Thank you

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Modeling Split Cell (144 Cells) Modules

I am trying to run a model using a split cell (144 half cells) Jinko JKM345PP-72H-V modules (see attach). When imputing the number of cells in series "CEC Performance model with user entered specifications", I can't use 144 cells. Unless the 144 split cells model is the same as a 72 cells module?

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Compatibiity of various Inverters, Modules, and battery are important.

We need to also undertand that the compatibiity of various Inverters, Modules, and battery are important. Hence, a functionality needs to be built into the softwre which would see this integrations. I have used the PVSOL, and I have seen this there.

Also, regular update of database is required.

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Tom Durston
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Lower energy estimates

Recently the Annual Net to grid energy estimates have been significantly lower than in previous analyses. Can you explain why? This is for residential detailed photovoltaic analyses.

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