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Question about Photovoltaic in SAM

Dear SAM Team

It is my first time to ask here about operation of SAM simulation. I have one year data (2014 data) such as temperature, solar direct, solar diffuse,pressure, wind speed and wind direction. I have input this to SAM and use performance model Photovoltaic (PVWatts) with Commercial (distributed) mark on DNI and DHI for Weather File Irradiance Data to run the simulation but I did not get any result of simulation.

What is still wrong with my simulation ??

Really appreciate for any help.


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Hybrid PV - Diesel System


I am new in SAM. I think my question might be very basic but I've searched for "diesel" and can not find any relevant topic. Pardon me if this has already been covered somewhere.

Anyway, I am trying to model a hybrid PV-Diesel System
Is there any way to model the Diesel Generator in SAM? Or should I model it as a grid and convert the fuel price to electricity price?

Thank you very much.

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Pvwatts with user defined POA Irradiance


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Tom Durston
SAM Help 2017-1-17

It looks like the 2017-1-17 help file has information blanked out in pages 200 - 248.

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Negative production from pv simualtion


First of all, I'm very new to this software.

I'm trying to simulate PV production from my own weather file. It's a csv-file made in notepad that conatins
year,month,day,hour, GHI and DNI. The GHI-values are collected from a sensor, and the DNI values are calculated using the DISC model.

I'm only getting negative monthly production, no matter what size of the panels i choose.

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Inverter model not found in database


I'm modeling a 1mW PV system with Canadian Solar panels (CS6U-320P, n=3876) and CS inverters. SAM's database doesn't include a particular Canadian Solar inverter (CSI-60KTL-CT 60kW output). How do I input specs of a desired inverter? Also, these inverters will be configured with each string in the array, so how to specify the configuration in SAM?



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Shading effects on PV - How do I get reverse diode voltage

Hello everybody,

I use some approaches from SAM to build my own model for bifacial power plants. In "SAM Photovoltaic Model Technical Reference" the approach of Chris Deline "A simplified model of uniform shading in large photovoltaic arrays", 2013 is used for calculating shading effects on a PV module. For this the value of "reverse voltage of the (bypass) diode" of the PV module is needed.

Now my question is: where do I get this value from? Some datasheets I checked don't provide this information. I also couldn't find where this value is entered in SAM.

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Paul Gilman
Correct Financial Model for Rental Property

I would like to model a small system 4-6kW where the owner installs the system on a rental property she owns. She does not benefit from or pay the utility bill; her tenant does. Would this be a commercial model? I anticipate she will be eligible for SRECs and a rebate as well as the federal ITC and accelerated depreciation as the system owner. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Paul Gilman
Inverters in CEC Database 2016

We are having trouble with one of the inverters in the Inverter Option List for Solar PV. The ‘TMEIC PVH-L2500GR’ data seems to be incorrect and is giving us some odd results. I’ve attached the data sheet we are using for the inverter and was hoping that you could help us change the current data to reflect the data in the brochure. Any direction regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

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Thofa Tazkia
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About storage system in Grid connected PV_Battery system

My question is the storage system what is available in SAM is connected in AC line Which is actually a AC coupled PV battery system.In AC coupled system there is two way conversion factor to charge the battery.Is there any storage system which is connected to DC line means Battery will be charged by direct PV DC line by a DC/DC converter.And there will be only 1 inverter in whole PV_Battery system.

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