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Utility TOU and demand data seems to be skewed on time series graphs

Hi! New user here. This is my 3rd all up simulation, and I have everything working well, with one exception.This is a largish PV and battery installation, with years of hourly usage data. The utility is Public Service Co. of New Mexico, and rate is 3B, utility-owned transformer.

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Cycle through TMY3 for PV profiles

I would like to run through all of the US TMY3 locations provided within SAM to generate solar PV profiles for each site. Running through the 1400 sites individually seemed a little too time consuming and I was wondering whether there is a script already out there which cycles through the simulator using some default characteristics to generate a CSV file with the 8760 PV profile.

If not, what is the best way to write such a script with SAM?


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CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specification

Hi Paul,

I'm trying to model a PV module that's not in the database using the CEC Performance Model With User Entered Specifications. I'm using the new First Solar Series 6 module. I uploaded the PDF data sheet so you can see the specs that I entered. For some reason the model doesn't like when I choose the CdTE cell type input. These First Solar Series Six modules are pretty large compared to other CdTe modules 180V, 2.37A, 425W panel. It seems when I choose CIGS, Si or another cell type and run the IV curve the model works but just not for CdTe. Any thoughts?


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Godwin Ndisengei
Residential Solar Lease

Just installed SAM to hopefully support my financial modeling for a zero-down solar portfolio - tax equity finance with partnership flip... Can SAM model this, can someone kindly assist with most efficient way to go about this in SAM.

Some key details...

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Module Data for Tesla/Panasonic 325W Panel

Does anyone have the data for Tesla/Panasonic 325W Panel being produced in NY? Does SAM/NREL expect to be adding that data to the Module section?

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What are dimensions in the geometry of SAM

What units do I use to describe the physical geometry dimensions? Meters, pixels, or what? I can't believe you don't have it in the model.

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How can I help the community translate from English to Portuguese?

I would like help translating this amazing SAM to Brazilian - Portuguese.

How can I help?



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How can I use data and currency from my country.

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if someone could help me. I from Paraná one state of Brazil located on the south and looking about Photovoltaic system.

I use this site to get GHI and TILT:

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Comisión Federal de Electricidad Tarifa H-M

Hi I need your support:

Comisión Federal de Electricidad Tarifa H-M

This is an error in the System Advisor Model (SAM), which is managed by a different group at NREL. Please submit a request at the SAM Support Forum, something like:

Error simulating rate

exec fail(utilityrate5): Energy rate TOU Period 12 not found for Month may.

Simulation utilityrate5 failed.

Carlos Centeno

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Demand Charge for spanish bills

Hello Paul,

I am implementing SAM as simulating tool in my company. We have spoken by email about some basic issues, but this one may be useful for other people.

Inside financial models, I am trying to intruduce the inputs for an spanish bill. Everything is ok except the rates for demand charges. We have different ways to calculate these charges, for example there is a "3.0A bill" which demands charges are defined as follows:

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