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Paul Gilman
PV Modules and Inverters not in Database

If you are using SAM's detailed photovoltaic model for a photovoltaic system that uses a module or inverter that is not included in SAM's libraries, you can use the CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specifications or Inverter Datasheet options on the Module and Inverter input pages, respectively. Those options allow you to enter data from a manufacturer's data sheet. Behind the scenes, SAM generates the coefficients it needs to model the equipment.

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Isolated or independent PV-systems

I'm doing a project about PV-residential/commercial taking Piura,Peru region as a reference and I'm analyzing how the project will change if enable battery; but I don't know how to set up that the battery only load from the system.
Also, I know the program simulate different projects that are conexion to the grid and when there are excess generation,these energy is injected to the grid. However, in Peru can not perform the same.

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Need consultant for building PV system


We are looking for consultants who can help us create a commercial offering using the SAM code base for a utility scale modelling software for PV system. Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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Modeling of an Off-Grid, DC only system with SSC SDKTool

I'm hoping to model an off-grid, dc-only system using a combination of SSC SDK and Excel. It looks like I can use wfreader, irradproc, and pv6parmod to get hourly dc output, then I can use Excel to derive the battery SOC for each hour. FYI, I am also using the CEC Modules.csv file that I dug out of the SAM folders, which gives me the pv module coefficients that are needed for pv6parmod. I not able to find much documentation for pv6parmod. Assuming this is the right approach, which model does pv6parmod use for dc output?

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Sub-hourly modeling and 'hourly' DC loss adjustments

According to the SAM help docs:
"The SAM CSV format supports hourly and sub-hourly data with up to a one-minute resolution. SAM recognizes the weather file's time resolution based on the number of data rows in the weather file. For example, SAM recognizes a file with 8,670 data rows as an hourly data file, and a file with 35,040 rows as 15-minute data."

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Modeling Topaz Solar Farm SAM Detailed Photovoltaic Model

Dear SAM users;

My scientific journal paper related to Topaz Solar Farm PVWatts Model was published in 2017.

Saracoglu B.O., "SEGS VI & Topaz Solar Farm SAM Empirical Trough & PVWatts Models Case Studies & Validation", International Journal of Research In Advanced Engineering Technologies, 2017, Vol.1, No.1, 28-41, DOI: N/A (

Please find my paper in the attachment.

I started the SAM detailed photovoltaic model of Topaz Solar Farm.

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Selection of weather station

I had a quick question regarding location based weather files. We are currently evaluating a building for solar in La Joya, TX 78560. We have a couple of choices for weather file for the analysis: (1) TMY3 data from McAllen Miller International Airport and (2) csv file for 26.25, -98.5 location. The first is closest available TMY3 to the site and the second is even closer as it is the same longitude/latitude of site location.

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Values for "DC to AC ratio" and "Losses"

I need help with putting correct input values in SAM.

Question 1:
If my system has DC to AC derate factor of 85%, then what should I use for DC to AC ratio in SAM? Default value in SAM is 1.2 and it confuses me whether I have to put 1.15 or 0.85 or some other value.

Question 2:
If I knew my solar panel efficiency is 15%, how can I input that into the SAM model? Would I set total system losses to 85%? Or is there some other way to input this?

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Importing 3D scenes, complex 3D scene drawings, and facades


I am new to SAM. I was wondering if there was any way to import a complex 3D drawing (say 3 buildings with different types of rooftops) into the 3D shade calculator? Is the only 3D file type that SAM can read only .s3d format? I have tried opening the shade calculator and that was the only option.

Also, will it be able to give outputs for each individual rooftop for the 3 buildings? Or do I have to run 3 separate analyses? Is there a limitation to the complexity of a scene?

Lastly, can SAM analyze PV's installed on facades?

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Running irradproc submodule with PySSC

I am attempting to use the irradproc module and the PySSC wrapper to calculate sun zenith angle. Here is my Python code:

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