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I am utilizing SAM to develop PV load shape for different climate zones, I already developed the residential model and now trying to model commercial and industrial, there is no specific mode just want to know what are the differences between industrial, commercial and residential PV systems. As far as i know one of the main difference is the number of cells in the panel, is there any specific thing i have to count so can say this mode is industrial or commercial?


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How do you use SAM with Microinverters (APSystems)

The SAM setup seems to only allow string inverters... As most installs are shifting to microinverters and APSystems is the manufacturer of choice for these products I'd like to know how to use them here.

Is there a pre-made datafile for the YC-500A and YC-500i at 240v, YC-1000 3 phase in 208v, 480v with the correct settings and inputs?

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Getting only 3 hours of generation per day even though there is 9 hours of GHI,DNI,DHI

I am attaching my script as well as on of my outputs so hopefully someone can see something I am missing. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here since I expect there should be 9 hours of generation output a day instead of just 3 and running it on previous latitudes and longitudes has given me correct outputs. Please pardon the messy script and let me know if you need any clarification.



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Inverter datasheet challenge

I need to input inverter specs in SAM's inverter datasheet as the inverter I'm working with isn't in the CEC database, however, I'm having trouble deciphering the product data sheet. The value headings and units in the attached datasheet don't exactly correspond to the SAM's data inputs, I'm wondering if someone can help identify the rights values for SAM:

Operating ranges
Nominal AC Voltage (Vac)
Max DC Voltage (Vdc)
Max CD Current (Adc)
Min MPPT DC Voltage (Vdc)
Nominal DC Voltage (Vdc)
Max MPPT DC voltage (Vdc)


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Michael Bishop
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Hourly PV distribution at different tilts

I'm looking at SAM's Time Series report with DC Array Power hourly data selected. For south facing at any TMY2 location, I'd expect a broader bell curve for higher tilt, because a higher percentage of overall daily generation should be in the earlier morning and later afternoon. But I'm generally seeing little difference between the bell curves at 10° tilt and 40° tilt. For example, please see the attached screenshots for a random summer day. This is for the TMY2 location in Sacramento, CA at 180° azimuth. Thanks for your insights on this.

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PV Results

Utilicé el SAM para simular un Photovoltaic (detailed) Residential (Distributed) System. El sitema tiene 6 paneles de 260 Wp en paralelo. EL hogar tiene un consumo mensual de 210 kWh. La energia de la red se compra a "Rates for energy Charges; buy ($3.70/kWh). Los resultados de SAM fueron: Annual Energy (year 1) 2299 kWh; Electricity bill without system (Year 1) $44.00, Electricity bill with system (Year 1) $ 37.00, Net savings with system $ 7.00. Me parece que el "Electricity bill without system" y el "Electricity bill with system" son muy bajos. Que hice mal?

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I am modeling simple residential building with a PV system, I would like to compare the result of using micro-inverter and string inverter under the same shading condition. For string inverter, I've used 3D shading calculator (12 module per string, 1 string parallel, and 1 inverter) however for microinverter 1 module per string,12 string in parallel and 12 inverters, I would like to know is there anyway that I can use 3D shade calculator to calculate the shading for my system, if yes how,will it take into account the presence of micro-inverter or not.

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Unable to download Electricity Rate Data from OpenEI

In trying to download local electricity rate data, only 11 results show up by default, and no results via zip code (any zip code).

Going directly to the OpenEI website, I'm able to find my utility (Commonwealth Edison) by zipcode (60647 in this case), though when I click on the specific rate link, the search refreshes, and I am unable to access needed rates.

Are there any recommendations as to an alternative method for downloading this data?

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CEC Modules Library mounting configuration


Paul Gilman recently helped me with a similar issue related with default mounting configuration of the Sandia Modules Library. This is the topic:

I am wondering if something similar can be done with the CEC Modules Library: can one guess the mounting configuration of the module from CEC Modules Library?

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Negative LCOE

Dear SAM Community,

I'm using the commercial PV model with battery to study the economic feasibility of a 200kW PV system for a commercial building. I have the weather data, technical, and economic parameters input correctly. I'm getting reasonable values of NPW, payback, capacity factor=16%, but the LCOE is negative both nominal and real.

Could anybody please help me with the interpretation of this economic behavior of the system?

Thaks in advance,

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