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Using SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY and CEC heat transfer model

I am trying to use SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY data and I would like to be able to use the CEC heat transfer module for cell temperature correction. Currently, using a SA weather file (converted with the SA converter provided on the samples page) results in cell temperatures >300deg C (Files attached).

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Questions in inverter module database and output ac power of a solar inverter.

Hi there,

I am doing a research project on Solar PV plant modelling. I got the excel file of inverter parameters at

Certain queries I have, please answer if possible.

1. Where can I get AC Output power (Pac) generated by the inverters?

2. What is PDc0?

3. Is Vdcmax given in excel file the same as
VDC described in SANDIA Inverter model?

Thank you in advance.

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Questions about DC to AC ratio and Rates for energy charges

Hello Paul.

In PV System Design. In your experience what is e good and/or correct DC to AC ratio?

In rates for energy charges. How can I do if I have two periods or tiers for saturday and only one period or tier for sunday?


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Part Load Efficiency - SAM

When I choose on SAM the Part Load Efficiency Model for Inverters and I will type the values given by the manufacturer, which voltage is being considered by SAM? Because the Datasheet will give me the efficiencies according to the load in 3 options:
- Minimum MPP voltage
- Rated input voltage
- Maximum MPP voltage

Which one is more suitable?

Thanks :)

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PV + Battery Grid Power Limit

I'm attempting to model a large scale PV + AC Coupled Storage plant using the Detailed Photovoltaic, Single Owner PPA model using SAM 2017.1.17 r3.

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Monthly daywise energy yield for 25 years

How I can get monthly day wise energy yield for 25yrs/ selected duration in form of excel from sam.

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Mahayla Slackerelli
Data source for PV default costs

I would like to learn more about the data that SAM uses for default values. I am particularly interested in the cost data for PV and financial default data.
Thank you for this invaluable resource.

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Macro for different rate schedule

I am in California and my project is for Solar PV where the utility rate structure is different before the solar PV system is installed. I can run the "Value of RE System" macro and changing the rate option for "no system" scenario to put in the utility rate structure with no system (before install). A pop up appears for the electricity bill in Year 1 and the Present values. The utility Bill correctly presents actual cost (good). The savings are higher. (good) But the NPV does not change. Why? If bill savings are higher then so should the NPV for the project.

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Understanding losses diagram and results


I'm trying following the method recommended in another topic, subtracting the percentage from 1.0 and then multiplying, but I still can't make sense of these losses or the resulting kWh production.

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Design Using DC Optimizers

How do you suggest we model a PV system which uses a single "string" inverter with DC optimizers on each module (such as SolarEdge technology)?

To clarify, I like to enter specifications for inverters directly using the "Inverter Datasheet" method rather than relying on the CEC database, so should I input voltage, power, and current data from the DC optimizer datasheets and use the same number of "inverters" as modules in the System Design with 1 module per string similar to a microinverter design?

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