Parabolic Trough

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Scheffler dish

Can we model a scheffler dish using SAM? if yes how?
thanks in advance.

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Modeling of CSP PTC ORC system

I have to design 10 KW CSP Parabolic trough with organic rankine cycle for my thesis.I need guidance about that.

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Power Block 500 MW to 1000 MW and above equipment

Dear SAM Users;

I have been researching on very large CSP power plants (1000 MW and above) for a long while.

Please find some of my research studies related to it on my researcher's profiles.

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How does the approach temperature of cooling water affect the power cycle efficiency of CSP plant?

Hello. I've been try to understand how the approach temperature of cooling water affects the power cycle conversion efficiency of a hypothetical wet-cooled parabolic-trough CSP plant located in Mojave, Californa. The attached figure shows the yearly average efficiency as a function of the approach temperature. My question is why T_approach = 10C has the highest efficiency instead of T_approach = 5C. Thank you.

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Modeling Trough System without TES

How to model parabolic trough WITHOUT TES system?

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how do import data from excel to SAM? i tried converting the excel sheet to csv but i keep getting errors, only then i realized the headings are not the same with the inbuilt csvs that are in the source folder.

and if there is anyone out here who is good, kindly email me @:
attached is my data for one month and the rest are similar for 2017 & 2016

thank you

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KW scale PT

I was wondering if I can simulate Kw scale parabolic trough in SAM. and if yes, how?

Thank you,

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configuration of storage tank and backup fossil fuel for heat process parabolic

I am currently trying to perform simulations of parabolic channel concentrators for industrial heat. However, I have some doubts about the operation of the software:

1.- Is it possible to limit the number of hours of operation avoiding that the storage system discharges all the energy immediately and keep it for very cloudy days?

2.- Is it possible to simulate using a support heating system in series and not in parallel?

I appreciate your response in advance. Greetings.

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Parabolic Trough Tilt

Hi there, I live in a northern latitude in Canada. When I run the Parabolic Trough model and include some tilt I see less heat output from the field, providing I enter positive values - ie closer to vertical. But when I tilt the trough downward with negative values, like -10 deg the trough output goes up quite a bit. Am I getting valid results? Thanks Allan

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User Defined Properties for HTF

Hi There

I'm running the physical parabolic trough model using user defined HTF data for high pressure water. For some strange reason when I input my data I'm getting negative energy out of the system. I've checked my water properties and and believe they're reliable. I've also tried converting j/kg to kj/kg for enthalpy but that made the results worse. I've taken out the titles in the csv file. Since I'm new to this program I'd appreciate some help. I'm in the physical trough model.


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