Parabolic Trough

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How can I use the script ,and if I write a new script ,can I ues it with the project that the SAM provide ?

How can I use the script ,and if i write anew script ,can i use it with the CSP projcet that i build in the SAM ? Can I use it with the MATLAB:?

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Wind Speed Limit


What is the wind speed limit in the physical trough model (2016.3.14) that starts defocusing and stowing the solar field?

Pam Kulbeik

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parabolic trough empirical model


A few questions on the parabolic trough empirical model;

1. I'm trying to check the effect of using different types of fuels i.e natural gas/biomass for the fossil back up by changing the boiler LHV efficiency value, but the output doesn't seem to be changing at all for a wide range of efficiency values-I've attached the SAM file here.

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Boiler mass flow rates


I am trying to simulate a parabolic trough power plant based on Rankine cycle.
Field HTF fluid: Therminol VP-1
Design loop inlet temp: 293°C
Design loop outlet temp: 391°C

In the "Power Cycle" tab - "Power Block Design Point" Section, I believe that the design inlet & outlet temperatures are automatically copied from the design loop inlet and outlet temperatures from the Solar Field, right?

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Excluding the auxilary heater


I am trying to simulate a parabolic trough power plant without an auxiliary heater. My question is: which input parameter do I have to change in order to exclude the auxiliary heater?

I have also noticed in the "Thermal Storage" tab that for both cold and hot tanks there is a a heater set point. Is it possible to eliminate the heater from the simulation?

I am using Therminol 66 as a HTF and TES medium with a field inlet temperature of 290°C and a field outlet temperature of 390°C.


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problem to input some values

How to make iterations to calculate values of min and max mass flow rate and number of assemblies ?

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SAM Virtual Conference 2017 Call Date

Dear Paul and SAM NREL specialists;

My coauthors and I finalized some modelling works and sections of our research studies (SEGS VI, SEGS IX, Topaz, Solar Star).

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Ammar Osman
Could not get Weather data of Sudan

Hi ..
it is my first time to launch SAM 2017 , and i could not find my country weather file " Sudan ". I searched through the internet and i read SAM help and support pages and nothing worked !
Help please

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Greece Trough new eneter data

Dear NREL,

can you please inform me inform me if I can add a Parabolic trough collector to the system library of SAM.

Best Regards

Athanasios Alexandrou
Mechanical Engineer

Parvolen CSP Technologies

Iroon Politexneiou 70
41223 Larissa
Tel.: +302410669092

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fresnel exceed maximum iteration of 100

in the notice tab, i received several notices like "fresnel exceed maximum iteration of 100, at time 25290000.000000". My question is that will it be a big impact on my final results? & how can I eliminate that kind of notices?

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