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Keyboard shortcuts for navigating SAM

Hi there,

I use SAM to generate new projects on a daily basis, so it is somewhat routine based with a lot of mouse clicks.

I see that there is a Shortcuts section in the help menu with a few options, but I'm wondering if it's possible to add more keyboard shortcuts to speed up project design. "Start a new project" could be something like Ctrl+N

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Battery Storage Discharge Issue


I am modeling Solar PV with Battery Storage using a manual dispatch for the Battery Storage. I've set the manual dispatch to discharge the battery during defined time periods during Weekdays. On weekends the battery does not discharge.

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Jan Gershoj
ReOpt (Lite) functionality into SAM


Any plans to get the functionality of ReOpt into SAM?
In other words, the possibility of directly simulating optimal PV Size based on uploaded load profile.


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Optimization of field layout parameters

I am dealing a sensitivity analysis of the energy yield of an existing tower plant to the layout method by means of SolarPilot, so i want to investigate the effect of different radial spacing methods and to compare them, but to avoid meaningless comparison i should optimize each one of this method. my question is if the tower height and receiver dimensions are already defined and knowns, is it correct to optimize only the parameters related to field configuartion, those highlighed in the figure attached
i need help with that thanks

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Isolated or independent PV-systems

I'm doing a project about PV-residential/commercial taking Piura,Peru region as a reference and I'm analyzing how the project will change if enable battery; but I don't know how to set up that the battery only load from the system.
Also, I know the program simulate different projects that are conexion to the grid and when there are excess generation,these energy is injected to the grid. However, in Peru can not perform the same.

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Modelling Cell Optimizers

Is there a way to model Maxim cell optimizers in SAM? Thank you!

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Understanding losses diagram and results


I'm trying following the method recommended in another topic, subtracting the percentage from 1.0 and then multiplying, but I still can't make sense of these losses or the resulting kWh production.

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Johnson Kuimba
Using SAM to process other renewable sources of energy that are not preset.

Good day,

I would like to match SAM as to process data for a new sustainable energy technology. Its got a high efficiency +95 at 100% load, produces zero, no heat energy is lost, emissions and runs continuously.

I would like to have assistance from the basics as match the technical specifications of the new technology.

Any one willing to assist me in developing this step by step? I am not too familiar with some of the terms and technical inputs needed on the SAM interface needed according to the tech.

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System Optimization using SAM

I have a project to do where i need simulate and find the best possible combination of renewable resources at a place for a given load requirements so that i can get the best power output from all the sources. So, is there a way to do this? if yes, can you please help me in how to simulate that?

Thank you
Arun Raghu

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Peak power not affected when adding PV

My objective is to simulate a commercial building with PV + batteries. As a start, I modelled only PV, and saw that the cost from the demand charge (kW) did not change when PV was added to the building. This is strange, because you could clearly see that the peaks from the grid were reduced in sunny months, such as in July. In July, the building load peak is 185 kW, but the power received from the grid is only 140 kW because of the PV production, when looking at the time series plots. Anyway, the demand charge of $821 is the product of 185 kW times the fee of $4.44/kW and not $140.

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