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W/o solar power output difference

HI all

I am having trouble with results from the same model but two different input weather files. The one I run with meteonorm data for a location, the other I run with ground measured data entered into an existing SAM resource library file. (any advice on doing this the "right way" would be appreciated).

Please see the graphs attached. Can anybody explain why the meteonorm profile is higher during night-time operation than the ground-measured data night time operation?


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Cooling tower water use results_reply

Hi Paul

Thanks for the support.

From the Equation 3.25 of the Physical Trough Reference Manual, could you please indicate which value is being reported in the time-series results of SAM as "Hourly Data: Cycle cooling water mass flow rate - makeup (kg/hr)",i.e. is it mdotwater or mdotcw?:
mdotevap = qdotrej/hevap
mdotdrift = fdrift mdotcw
mdotctbd = fctbd mdotcw
mdotwater = mdotevap +mdotdrift +mdotctbd

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Battery Storage Discharge Issue


I am modeling Solar PV with Battery Storage using a manual dispatch for the Battery Storage. I've set the manual dispatch to discharge the battery during defined time periods during Weekdays. On weekends the battery does not discharge.

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Differences between SAM Sandia Performance Model and PVLIB

I am running a simulation of solar generation for every zip code in the U.S. using SAM and its LK scripting interface. I am also performing the same simulation with Sandia's PVLIB ( model. It is my understanding that SAM's Sandia PV Arary Performance Model should yield the same results as PVLIB if the weather inputs are the same. However, I have tested this using TMY3 weather files, and the AC generation output is different, even with the exact same parameter settings.

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Financial Model Documentation

Hi Paul

Are there updated Spreadsheets as tools to help you understand how SAM 2017.9.5 financial models calculate the different metrics on the Results? Current spreadsheets examples on SAM resources page seem to be out of alignment with the SAM 2017.9.5.

i.e -LCOE and NPV Calculations Using Excel Formulas
-Payback Period Calculation for Residential and Commercial
-Residential and Commercial Financial Models

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SDK API to save/load data container

SDK Tool provides a way to Save the variables in the data container to a data file. (.bdat) and Load data file (.bdat).

I'm looking for ways to save and load data container via Java API. Don't see anything listed in SSC guide (SSCJNI) API list.

Is there an API that can be invoked programatically to save and load the data container like SDK tool?


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How does the approach temperature of cooling water affect the power cycle efficiency of CSP plant?

Hello. I've been try to understand how the approach temperature of cooling water affects the power cycle conversion efficiency of a hypothetical wet-cooled parabolic-trough CSP plant located in Mojave, Californa. The attached figure shows the yearly average efficiency as a function of the approach temperature. My question is why T_approach = 10C has the highest efficiency instead of T_approach = 5C. Thank you.

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the parabolic trough simulation result

Dear Paul Gilman,

I try to simulate a plant with the parabolic trough physical.
When I set the "collector azimuth angle" as 90°,and I find the thermal energy to the power block will be more than the thermal energy produced by the field in the data tables of result. I am confused about the result, so I guess something will be ignored by me. The attachment is my sam file.

I would appreciate it a lot if you would give me a reply.

Thanks and Best regards.

lisen huo

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Isolated or independent PV-systems

I'm doing a project about PV-residential/commercial taking Piura,Peru region as a reference and I'm analyzing how the project will change if enable battery; but I don't know how to set up that the battery only load from the system.
Also, I know the program simulate different projects that are conexion to the grid and when there are excess generation,these energy is injected to the grid. However, in Peru can not perform the same.

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Running irradproc submodule with PySSC

I am attempting to use the irradproc module and the PySSC wrapper to calculate sun zenith angle. Here is my Python code:

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