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Using SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY and CEC heat transfer model

I am trying to use SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY data and I would like to be able to use the CEC heat transfer module for cell temperature correction. Currently, using a SA weather file (converted with the SA converter provided on the samples page) results in cell temperatures >300deg C (Files attached).

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Questions in inverter module database and output ac power of a solar inverter.

Hi there,

I am doing a research project on Solar PV plant modelling. I got the excel file of inverter parameters at

Certain queries I have, please answer if possible.

1. Where can I get AC Output power (Pac) generated by the inverters?

2. What is PDc0?

3. Is Vdcmax given in excel file the same as
VDC described in SANDIA Inverter model?

Thank you in advance.

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Runtime error using macro for Electric Load

When I try to run macro for Electric Load after choosing LargeOffice I get the following error script:

TMY3 ID: on":"1
Macro did not finish.
[97] runtime exception at line 97: array index out of bounds at 1010 (length: 1010)

Please help

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Rainflow Counting for Degradation

Hi, I am interested in techno-economic battery models and SAM seems to be one of the few that includes battery degradation (to my knowledge??). I have been reading Nicholas DiOrio's 2015 report and I would like to know more details about the lifetime model.

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Understanding losses diagram and results


I'm trying following the method recommended in another topic, subtracting the percentage from 1.0 and then multiplying, but I still can't make sense of these losses or the resulting kWh production.

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PV Results

Utilicé el SAM para simular un Photovoltaic (detailed) Residential (Distributed) System. El sitema tiene 6 paneles de 260 Wp en paralelo. EL hogar tiene un consumo mensual de 210 kWh. La energia de la red se compra a "Rates for energy Charges; buy ($3.70/kWh). Los resultados de SAM fueron: Annual Energy (year 1) 2299 kWh; Electricity bill without system (Year 1) $44.00, Electricity bill with system (Year 1) $ 37.00, Net savings with system $ 7.00. Me parece que el "Electricity bill without system" y el "Electricity bill with system" son muy bajos. Que hice mal?

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Brett K
"Value of electricity savings" differ for similar energy charge profiles

Hi all

I have been trying to understand SAM's energy charge model, however I get results that I dont understand or dont make sense. I would expect the "Value of electricity savings" in the cash flow results section to be the same for the attached two energy charge profiles but they differ.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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Jessica Mello K...
Dispatch Control


I've been trying to model my plant so that it won't work during the night. The way I've been working on it is by modifying the dispatch control. For the night hours - when I don't want it working - I've set the turbine out fraction equals to zero.

When I run the simulation, I usually get negative values for the System power generated - what do these negative values mean?

Also, what does negative values for TES Thermal energy into storage mean?

Jessica Mello

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Peak power not affected when adding PV

My objective is to simulate a commercial building with PV + batteries. As a start, I modelled only PV, and saw that the cost from the demand charge (kW) did not change when PV was added to the building. This is strange, because you could clearly see that the peaks from the grid were reduced in sunny months, such as in July. In July, the building load peak is 185 kW, but the power received from the grid is only 140 kW because of the PV production, when looking at the time series plots. Anyway, the demand charge of $821 is the product of 185 kW times the fee of $4.44/kW and not $140.

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Simple Efficiency Model - Required Parameters


Thanks for providing the SDK, SDK tool and documentation. My task is to use the SDK to produce a simulation that matches the attached SAM project which is uses the Simple Efficiency Model.

I have not been able to do it. I'm about 6-8% above SAM Desktop. Weather files and weather data can obviously vary, but I've done weather file comparison so I'm fairly confident that is not the source of error. So my thinking is that some of the input parameters have not been set correctly in the SSC module and this is the source of the difference.

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