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SAM open source test

In the windows SAM build instruction (, step 6 suggest to "Start a new project" on SAM's welcome page. However, after I click the bottom, a window comes out saying "Updating solar resource library..." and after a few minutes, the program stops.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks!

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GCR & Time Series - Self Shading

I am trying to write a time series script to monitor self shading based on a series of GCR values. I have used the script below but i am getting a series of 0 for my result

for( i=0; i<#GCR; i++ )
G = GCR[i][0];
set( 'subarray1_gcr_ref', G);

cf = get('subarray1_linear_derate');
outln( 'simulation ' + i + ': ' + cf );


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Scripting to Input Hourly Electric Load Data


I am writing a script to input different hourly load profiles, but am having trouble getting SAM to recognize the input data. I have tried csv files with either 8760 rows or 8761 rows (where the first row is a place holder) of data organized in a single column, however neither work.

The code I have been trying is:

set('load_model', 1);
set('normalize_to_utility_bill', 0);
set('load', real_array(read_text_file('C:/Users/pspitsen/Desktop/load.csv')));

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Harry Han
Use LK to import user defined TOD array

Dear Paul

Is it possible that I can import user defined TOD array into power tower model with LK? The user defined TOD array is consisted of 8760 numbers.

Thank you!


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tcstrough-physical example failed in matlab


I was attempting to run the tcstrough_physical model with Matlab. I receive an error:

tcstrough_physical errors:
time 0.00 { Controller 3 }:
Heat exchanger sizing failed
unit 3 (Controller) type 'sam_mw_trough_type251' failed at initialization
exec fail(tcstrough_physical): there was a problem simulating in tcskernel(physical trough)

I have already examined the input parameters carefully. In addition,I can't find the explanation for 'hx_config'.

The .m and weather file are as attached. Is there any clue when that might happen?

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Bulk CSV Exports

I have a mess of projects I'm modeling. I would like to export the summary, monthly, and annual data tables to csv for all the projects in bulk. All in one go instead of going from project to project and exporting each one by hand. Is it possible to script this in SAM? In case anyone's curious, I'm working up evaluations for several parcels of land in a small city. I want to get this all into something like R or Excel. I'm using R to make some prettier plots than SAM can do. Excel makes it easier to format tables for insertion into a written report.

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How to run SAM script from Excel file and output to the same excel file.


I have a LX script which I would like to modify so that the script opens an excel file I direct it to. It then runs the script for all of the data from a selected area and outputs the results in designated cells in the same excel file.

Would that be possible and how would I go about adding that feature to my current script?


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Running Solar Tower optimization from script

Hello NREL,

I would like to know if there is any special function to be called before running a simulation from script, in case of optimization of Heliostat Field for SAM CSP power tower model.

I wrote a script to run several simulations by varying some parameters, but for some scenarios I get different results from a run done directly through SAM's interface (pushing "Simulate" button). I am using "for" looping and calling simulate() function. Simplifying the code (erasing other loops and commands to save outputs) it remains like below:

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MikeJohnson's picture
Possible to use script to download weather files from NREL Solar Radiation Database?

Is it possible to use LK script (through SAM) to download weather files from the NREL Solar Radiation Database?

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SAM Interpolation Function

Does SAM come with any predefined interpolation function? I was just wondering if there is, because the simulations I'd like to do will warrant some interpolations. Thanks.

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