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LCOE inconsistency, Cash Flow

Hi, I'm simulating a 100 MW Power Tower CSP plant (without TES). In the "Summary" of results, SAM tells me that the resulting nominal LCOE is 26.02 cents / kwh, which coincides with the information shown in the "Cash Flow" tab. However, if I check the detail of the cash flow with the "Send to Excel with Equations" tool, it turns out that the nominal LCOE shown is 29.44 cents / kwh.

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Export to Excel with Formulas

Is there a way to export with formulas to excel? A workaround or a prior version to download?

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how do import data from excel to SAM? i tried converting the excel sheet to csv but i keep getting errors, only then i realized the headings are not the same with the inbuilt csvs that are in the source folder.

and if there is anyone out here who is good, kindly email me @: lotenisimon@gmail.com
attached is my data for one month and the rest are similar for 2017 & 2016

thank you

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Sol Trace - Export Result to Excel


Can someone help me getting this data exporting to a csv file; I am trying to do it through lk script but not able to find any function to get these output values.

if not can I calculate the 'Power of Plotter rays' and 'power per ray' with the ray data export. if so can I get the equation.

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Excel exchange error – could not open file


I have been trying to recreate some legacy files (2014.1.14) in the latest version of SAM. I found that in attempting to run a simulation an error would appear stating “Excel Exchange Error: Could not open file” when trying to run an excel exchange case.

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Send data to Excel


When I try to send the data to excel, it goes from a value that's suppose to be 1.0 to 100.000. Also, when I check the battery data and try to send those to excel, they come all wrong, it's suppose to be a value 1e^-16 and ir goes 1e^-11 or 1e^-12, it doesn't have a pattern.

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Connecting SAM to complex storage Excel models

Dear Paul,

Thank you for developing a tremendous asset for the renewable industry.

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Federal Income Tax schedule (instead of flat rate) error

I've entered a Federal Income Tax schedule, with the rate at 0% for the first 10 years, and 30% afterwards. When I export to Excel with formulas, the values for "After-tax value of energy generated by system" and "After-tax cash flow" are in error, because their formulas reference the "federal_tax_rate" name, and they should reference the "AnnualTaxFederal" name.

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Data Transfer from .xls Files

Is it possible to read the full contents of .xls files into an array, without having to name the range of cells being read (similar to how csvread can read .csv files to an array)?

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Bulk CSV Exports

I have a mess of projects I'm modeling. I would like to export the summary, monthly, and annual data tables to csv for all the projects in bulk. All in one go instead of going from project to project and exporting each one by hand. Is it possible to script this in SAM? In case anyone's curious, I'm working up evaluations for several parcels of land in a small city. I want to get this all into something like R or Excel. I'm using R to make some prettier plots than SAM can do. Excel makes it easier to format tables for insertion into a written report.

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